The tractor BELARUS 320 is a base 4x4WD model (with front driving axle) of drawbar category 0,6, having a 36 h.p. engine. It is equipped with a cab or awning-frame, or safety rail. This tractor is intended for different works with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines in agriculture, industry, municipal services and building.

General data
Constructive Weight, kg 1650
Shipping Weight, kg 1690
Operated Weight, kg 1720
Maximum allowable weight (total), kg 2800
Wheelbase, mm 1690
Overall dimensions: Length, mm 3100
Overall dimensions: Width, mm 1550
Overall dimensions: Height, mm 2150
Load-carrying capacity, kg 1100
Rated Power, kW (hp) 26,5 (36)
Factor of torque backup, % 12
Power train
Gearbox Mechanical, step-by-step
Number of gears forward 16
Number of gears backward 8
Front Driving Axle (FDA)
Axle type 3-component
Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft
Rear PTO: +
Mounted hydraulic system (MHS)
Rear MHS: +
Hydraulic Sistem
Maximum Pressure, MPa 20
Pump Capacity, l/min 17
Running System
Wheel Arrangement 4К4